Givenchy 2012 Fall/Winter Preview

As the European leg of the Watch The Throne tour is coming to a close, it would seem as if the buzz surrounding Givenchy would die down. But plain and simple that’s wrong. Givenchy, a French clothing company which has been around since 1952, has seen a recent surge in popularity due to two mega Hip-Hop stars, Jay-Z and Kanye West. Jay and Ye’s styles used to differ vastly with Jay choosing a more subtle “all black everything” look, while Ye would choose to have more flamboyant and colorful attire. This was until now. Italian fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci was hired at Givenchy in 2005 and was thrown to the wolves in a company where past designers had little to no success. Tisci revolutionized the brand and made it to what it is today with his combination of romanticism and luxury streetwear. Givenchy became the unofficial clothing line of both Ye and Jay for the WTT tour and now Kanye’s right hand man, Don C, has hopped on board. His website and boutique in Chicago, RSVP Gallery, has begun to sell Givenchy at U.S. dollar. No need to convert money or pay for overseas shipping.

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