Reviving Hip Hop in NYC

Brooklyn emcee Joey Bada$$ is bringing back the old school New York City sound.  In a time where hip hop music has been declared “dead” and become mainstream and poppy, Bada$$ and his Progressive Era crew provide a refreshing mix of lyrical complexity and dope old school beats.

As a 17 year old trying to gain exposure in this era of internet rappers, Joey Bada$$ dropped his “1999” mixtape which finds him exploring the street-based philosophy in the Mecca of hip hop music, New York City.  Rhyming over beats by legends J. Dilla and Lord Finesse, Bada$$ does not disappoint.  We haven’t heard a sound like this since the early 90’s when New York City hip hop took over.  I expect a big buzz around this guy in the next couple of months.

Listen and download the mixtape “1999” here

My personal favorites on the tape are “Snakes” and “World Domination“.


What you think?

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