Yeezy Mania

As many of you sneaker heads know the Nike Air Yeezy II dropped on June 9th causing mass hysteria and panic. Many people were willing to pay the $245 price tag, some to own the shoe and others to resell for 300x the price. News stations began reporting on the shoe when a pair sold for 90k through an eBay auction. The hype around the shoe was so crazy that many people waited weeks on end for the shoe to release. Nike thought of a “civilized” way to distribute pairs out, they used the twitter accounts of each store (@21mercer, @nikemontalban) to start an RSVP. The RSVP rules can be found here. It was soon reveled that Nike’s RSVP system was flawed; people who sent a DM just a few seconds after the tweet went out did not receive confirmation while people who sent it 4 to 5 minutes later were guaranteed a pair. This caused some to take legal action. Take this for example.
**WARNING the legitimacy of site (RSVP Claims) is questionable engage at your own risk**.
With that being said it seems as if Nike got there money and are dismissing all dissatisfied customers. And now many of Kanye’s friends and Nike athletes are receiving pairs after this all occurred. Take Roger Federer for example. Here are some pics of him in the Black/Solar Red color way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I too was one of the people left out in the cold and all I felt I got from Nike was this. But hey it’s only a shoe and life will go on.


What you think?

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