BET 2012 Fashion

The BET awards were a few nights ago and I began this article about that time. In my mind I began to think of who really wowed me at the awards, fashion wise, and nothing really stood out…. at first. I then watched the recording again and the subliminal messages finally got across. Jay-Z and Kanye West stole the show with there polar opposite yet captivating style. Yeezy went with the classic mono color look but instead of his all black attire he sported the exact opposite.Yeezy in all white Seen her Yeezy is sporting a 3.1 Phillip Lim hounds teeth quilted T-shirt accenting it with all white RRL slim-fit denim then went on to perform his single “Way Too Cold” before doing his verse to “New God Flow” acapella style stealing a page from Jay’s book. Also Jay-Z didn’t slack either “looking like an owner” as he so eloquently put it suit and tie.Jay and Ye. I think the best part of the whole show was the beginning with Samuel L Jackson and Spike Lee mocking Jay-Z and Kanye. Kanye famously got flack for wearing a leather kilt which many believed to be part of a women’s collection (FYI it’s from the mens). Compare the images to yourself I think they did a great job imitating them.Sam and Spike WTTJay and Ye WTT

On a sepereate note Jamie Foxx made sure everyone has not forgotten. It has been quite some time since the Trayvon Martin case was in the headlines across the country but he sported a plan red shirt barring his face. Justice is still needed.
Jamie foxx trayvon t


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