Lil Waynes “Carter V” To Be Released In 2013

While Lil Wayne was answering questions at the X Games a fan from Washington asked Weezy when the Carter 5 was going to drop.

Jake Knudsen (Shelton, Washington): Hey weezy what is your favorite thing about X games and when is Carter 5 coming out?

Weezy: X Games is a higher level of competition- I’ve been to a few other contests and this one is the best. Carter 5 will come most likely next year.

He was also asked about a possible collab with Eminem.

Serenityy (Slidell Lousiana): Lil Wayne, your a greattttt rapper and I love your music and your a great skater and you should do some more music with Eminem soon. Yay, thanks.

Weezy: Thank you- I will.

Let’s hope he puts the skateboard down for a while and gets back to making music like he used to.


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