What We’re About

High Renaissance as a blog represents a revolution in free thinking through the belief that human change and development is fueled through our collective education and increasing openness to mentally challenging concepts. HR is a place you can come every day to see the latest news in music, sports, fashion, world news,  social interactions and implications, as well as topics of discussion and links to articles that we feel are interesting and productive to the human experience. HR represents a collection of your interests consolidated and wrapped up neatly in your internet browser, your one stop show for all things dope online.

Furthermore the High Renaissance blog represents a platform to showcase ambitious and hungry talents across varying media through exclusive musical releases and fashion lines, providing our fan base at first look at what the High Renaissance brand has to offer.

Here at HR we aren’t driven by profits and margins, but the potential wealth of knowledge that can come together here and in turn educate the masses and influence change. High Renaissance maintains a commitment to the values of human life, human equality and prosperity as a primary intention and focus.

The greatest impedance to progress is silence, and the internet is a testament to the power of a unified movement. We as a public decide what trends and values rise to prominence and this is your chance to get behind something and lead it to the forefront. This is the second coming of the renaissance, don’t be left behind.


– Doug Tavares

Creative Director

High Renaissance


What you think?

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